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You are here because you are looking for a life-partner, and have chosen Internet as a means to help you in your search. That is the best choice now-a-days, as it really wipes out any boarders between countries and cultures. You came to our web-site because you have decided to search for your life-partner in Ukraine or Russia, and if you are lucky you will never regret this decision!

Ukrainian and Russian women

are famous with their beauty, kindness, wisdom, and care about their men. They are very family-oriented, unlike career-oriented Western women. They possess dignity, but this dignity has nothing to do with feminism of American women. Russian women are feminine and soft, protective of their families, caring and loving towards their husbands, good housewives and good mothers. But you already know this as you have decided to search for a wife from Russia, and found our web-site!

We will help you to establish relations with a girl you like

through correspondence, phone calls, and provide you with support when you come to visit your girl-friend in person. We will do our best to protect you from scam and scammers, making sure your girl-friend is real and really interested in your relations. We are constantly improving our marriage agency 1 Love For You services, and have many satisfied clients. If you have problems with any Russian woman from our marriage agency 1 Love For You database, contact us. Report to us immediately if any of our women wants money from you. Do NOT send money to a Russian woman unless you know her very well or/and have met her personally.

Search For Beautiful Young Women

You can start searching for your 1 Love For You right now! Choose any of the methods of search you want! Browse profiles and photos of most popular Ukrainian girls in our catalog in the TOP 120 selection, visit Latest Additions to search among profiles of the Russian girls who joined recently, or see New Photos section to admire girls who posted new pictures to their profiles, or just use our Search Engine. All these beautiful Russian brides came personally to a marriage agency 1 Love For You or a dating service located in the cities and towns of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Latvia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. All potential brides filled in an application form, provided ID to the agency personnel, and went to a photo-studio to make sexy photos. We do not lack new profiles to replenish our Russian brides catalog when our women find foreign husbands and ask to remove their profiles.

Get In Contact With Young Brides From Ukraine

Found your perfect match? Do not hesitate to write a letter to the girl through our fast and reliable e-mail forwarding system, or just send an inquiry about her interest in you. Do not forget to post your profile to the Men's Online Catalog so your chosen girls would be able to see your photos and biodata. Establish a meaningful contact with the Russian girl and come to see her in person to her native city.

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You just try it! Nothing is impossible! A long trip starts from the first step. Your trip for the 1 Love For You starts right here! Russian Brides are waiting for you! Join NOW!